Pros & Cons of a Washer With an Agitator & a Washing Machine Without in San Antonio, TX; Noise, Fit, Repairs, Maintenance & More

When deciding to buy a new washing machine or dryer you may realize there are many options to choose from. There are several brands for one and styles even within the brand that make knowing what to get stressful. The washing machine is an extremely important part of a household and getting the right one for you is important. The washing machine is necessary to clean clothes in a timely manner and you want to be sure that the one you choose is efficient and will last. One of the biggest differences between washing machines is a top loader or a front loader. Some people have a preference and will always choose a particular style. The other big difference between washing machines is if you choose one that has an agitator or not. How do you choose the one that is right for you. It is best to do some research so you know what is needed and what you really want.

Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio Outlines the Pros & Cons of Washing Machines with Agitators

What is a Washing Machine Agitator?: When you open the top of a washing machine you will see a large bulky object in the center. The object that you see is called the agitator. When you run the cycle of your washing machine this is the part that rotates around or back and forth. The clothes are able to be mixed up and rubbed around on each other. This is a great way to get the clothes clean so that the dirt has something to be agitated from. The agitator may make the washing machine shake and be a bit noisy.
Does a Washing Machine Agitator Make Loud Noises?: When you are talking about an agitator there are some great benefits while there are some cons to having it. The first thing is that the clothes can actually get cleaner with this method. The agitator helps to keep the clothes moving and rubbing against each other which helps to reduce the amount of dirt. Some of the things that cause concern is when you are trying to wash clothes that tend to be delicate. The agitator can potentially cause damage to these clothes that need to be handled with care. The other debate is how much space the agitator takes up inside the washing machine drum. Depending on the amount of clothes that you need to wash on any given week you may consider buying a washing machine without the agitator. If you are dealing with clothes that tend to be really messy and dirty the agitator is the way to go.
Which Washer is Right for You?: When you go to choose a washing machine there is not a real answer as to what type is best. The best one is what is right for you. You need to pick something based on your laundry needs and which one will save you the most when it comes to energy and water.


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