Washing Machine Problems in Round Rock TX; Motor Overheating or Won’t Turn On, Agitate, Spin or Drain? Call Southwest Appliance Repair Service for Troubleshooting & Emergency Repairs

Laundry is one of the most detested household chores to attend to. It is a job that is endless and if you do not attend to it at least every other day, the build up and piles of clothes will quickly begin to look like a mountain that continues to grow and overflow your dirty clothes hampers. Whether it is cycling laundry through your washing machine, or the time it takes to fold load after load and put them away in their proper places, you are not alone if you struggle with getting motivated to get the laundry done. Even more frustrating is when you are doing your laundry and your washing machine fails to work properly.

Washing Machine Not Turning On

A faulty washing machine is sure to cause your laundry piles to grow at an extremely rapid rate. There are many issues that can occur to cause a washing machine to malfunction or work improperly. One of the most common problems that happen when a clothes washer will not turn on is when it is not receiving any power. Your washing machine requires electricity to run, so if the machine is plugged into a faulty outlet, then it will not power on. If this is the case, the good news is that it costs less to fix a faulty outlet than it does to replace a washing machine.

Washing Machine Motor Getting Very Hot

A great way to test the outlet is by plugging in a smaller appliance to the same outlet that your washer was plugged into. If your hair dryer turns on while plugged into the same outlet, then the outlet is not your problem and you will want to call in a professional to assist you in determining what is wrong with your washing machine. Sometimes the motor in your washing machine will overheat, if it does overheat, then it also requires a cool down period before it can start back up again.

Washing Machine Won’t Spin or Drain

Another common issue that occurs with washing machines is that they will not spin. One major source of this issue is caused by the washer door not being closed all of the way. On many and most washing machine models today, if the door is not shut properly, then the machine will fail to turn on the spin cycle. Make sure that there is not a foreign object impeding your washer door from closing properly. There could also be a problem with the catch on your washer door that would prevent the washer from clicking into spin mode.

The best way to keep your washer working properly is to have regular maintenance checkups performed by a professional. Contact Southwest Appliance Repair today to make sure that your laundry doesn’t pile up due to a faulty washing machine in CEDAR PARK, AUSTIN, ROUND ROCK, GEORGETOWN, FRISCO, ALLEN, PLANO, SAN ANTONIO AND DALLAS TEXAS.

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