A Preventive Furnace Maintenance Checklist Schedule in Georgetown TX Avoids Troubleshooting & Costly Emergency Repairs

At Southwest Appliance Repair, our qualified service technicians understand that a well maintained furnace equals a safe furnace. Your home’s heating system is one of the leading causes of home fires and each October, the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) hosts fire prevention week to educate the public on how to both prevent and prepare for a home fire. With the cooler weather quickly approaching your furnace turns cold into warmth and can be your saving grace when the weather is particularly chilly but your furnace can also become your worst nightmare if it is not properly maintained and regularly serviced.

The knowledgeable service technicians at Southwest Appliance Repair have provided a list of the four most important safety tips that every homeowner should be aware of:

1. Furnace Maintenance Tips – The number one key to preventing home fires caused by your furnace is regular maintenance. Cracks and leaks within your furnace have the ability to allow gas to escape into your home which can create a fire hazard. The experts at Southwest Appliance Repair can provide your furnace with a professional annual tune-up which includes inspecting your burner assembly and heat exchanger as well as all the other working parts of your heating system. Annual maintenance will keep your furnace running efficiently and safely when you need it the most and even more importantly, it can help prevent your home from catching fire.
2. Keep the Area Around your Furnace Clear – The furnace that heats your home has the capacity to become very hot. The expert technicians at Southwest Appliance Repair recommend keeping a three foot area around your heater free from any combustible materials. Placing items too close to your furnace is one of the leading causes of home fires that have sadly resulted in fatalities for many families.
3. Make Sure the Furnace Area is Properly Ventilated – Dangerous fumes including carbon monoxide are vented out of your home through a system that is structured to keep your home free of poisonous and deadly chemicals. Keeping this system clean is paramount to ensuring that the gasses do not get trapped causing them to back up into your home becoming a health hazard for your family.
4. Furnace Repairs should be left to your Professional Service Provider – If you find that your furnace is in need of repair never attempt to fix it on your own. If you are not trained and don’t know exactly what you are doing you could potentially create an even bigger problem including replacement of the entire heating system or higher energy bills or even worse create problems that could be potentially fatal to you and your family including dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and other potential fire hazards.

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As the weather gets cooler, you will rely on your furnace to heat your home more and more. By using the safety tips provided by Southwest Appliance Repair you can have a safe and warm fall this season. If you want to ensure that your furnace and heating equipment is safe and operating at optimal performance levels, contact the professionals at Southwest Appliance Repair today to schedule your furnace inspection and repair.

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