Benefits of a Steam Washing Machine in Boerne, TX; Hotter Temperature Cleans Better & Reduces Wrinkles

If you are in the market for a new washing machine, it makes sense to consider what options are available to you. There is your standard top load washing machine that comes in many sizes. You can also go with the front load option but be sure that you do your research on how to use and care for them. They tend to have a musky smell if they are not cleaned correctly. If you want to go with a great newer and modern washing machine get one that uses steam! They are an amazing option that is available for your home washing machine. A standard washing machine will only get to just over 100 degrees where a steam washer will get over 200 degrees. There are some amazing benefits to purchasing a steam washing machine. It might just be the right one for you.

Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio Explains the Benefits of a Steam Washing Machine

What is a Steam Washing Machine?: The steam works with the washing machine to break through the stains and dirt. Steam gets much hotter than the water will and that’s what makes the process clean better. The steam will help to remove stains from clothing and other fabrics being washed. It is released in the drum when you start the machine and will work throughout the cycle.
What are the Benefits of a Steam Washer?: One of the very best benefits of using a steam washing machine is the grime and dirt that it can break through. The reason that the steam helps fight dirt is that the hotter it is in the washing machine the easier it is to breakdown the detergent that you use. The faster it does that the quicker it can start working to release the stains from the fibers of your clothes. Another wonderful benefit of using steam is the wrinkle reducer. You can purchase a steamer that is used on clothes to release the wrinkles after it has gone through the washing and drying process. The steamer has to be plugged in and filled with water to allow the steam to work on the clothing item. The great thing about the steam washing machine is that you are getting that same wrinkle reducing steam with the process. Lastly if you are a family that suffers from allergies this is the definitely the washing machine for you. There are allergens that are found on your clothes and blankets. When you wash them with a standard washing machine they are still there. The steam will reduce the pet dander, dust and other allergens that are common in many homes.
Water Saving Washing Machines: When you use steam as opposed to straight water for any purpose, the amount of water that you use is greatly reduced. You will be able to save on the amount of water you are using which will save you money and send you on the road to being greener.


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