Glass Top Electric Stove Burner Not Working, Won’t Turn On or Sparking in Universal City, TX?

Do you have an electric stove? Electric stoves are a great option and are used in many homes in the U.S. They are one of two main types of stoves with gas being the other option. Some homes don’t offer the hook up that is needed to have a gas stove so electric is the way to go. Electric stoves have coils that heat up through electricity where as a gas stove has a pilot light that will light the gas that is released. If you have any appliance you know that there will be problems that can occur. There are some that mean it is time to replace the entire thing while others are a sign that you just need to have it repaired. Knowing what these common problems are can help you know what needs to be done.

Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio Lists Common Problems You May Have With Your Electric Stove

Electric Stove Not Working & Won’t Turn On: When you go to turn on the stove to start using it you turn the dial to the level that you want. The coils will start to heat up and you can often see them because they start to get red and heated up. If they don’t start to heat up the most common issue is that the stove is not getting electricity. Double check that the unit is plugged in and that the fuse has not been tripped. If these have been checked and the appliance will still not work it may need further repair or service.
Coils Not Heating Up: This is a different problem than when the entire unit is not getting electricity. The coils are each their own part and can have a problem individually. If you have some of the coils that work while others don’t, there could be a problem with the internal ignition switch. This is a part that needs to be replaced by a professional. Another problem that happens is when the coil that is not working is not plugged in properly. The plug may have debris on it that is obscuring the connection. The coils can also have a malfunction that requires them to be replaced. If you have checked the connection and they still do not work you need to call a professional that can come out and order the part and replace.
Electric Stove Sparking Problem: Although an electric stove works off of electricity you should not be seeing sparks when the appliance is turned on. There are times that the electrical connection can be bad and that can cause a spark. Another common problem is is the temperature or weight is not distributed correctly. If this happens you need to stop using the stove right away and have a professional look at it. A spark can be a fire hazard and all it would take is a wash cloth set too close to the area for a fire to start.


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