Best Induction, Gas & Electric, Professional Oven & Stove Top Ranges of 2016 in San Antonio, TX

The kitchen is the center of the home, and one of the reasons for this is the meals that are shared there. It’s no wonder that the appliances that cook food are some of the most important items homeowners buy for their home. Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio is here with some of the top picks for ranges of 2016.

Induction Range Pros

Induction is the future of food preparation. It is a much safer option and the Frigidare FGIF3061NF is our first choice in an induction range. When you have a range top that uses induction heating, it uses magnets that heat up quickly and efficiently. A cup of water was brought a boil in under 4 minutes and the larger burner can boil one cup of water in under two. You can’t beat that kind of speed. This model has an induction range top and a full convection oven below that will cook food evenly.

Gas Ranges

If you have a gas line into your home, you may want to try the Samsung Chef Collection gas range. This range has a very streamlined look and will add style to any kitchen. The digital display is easy to use and the oven is large at 5.8 cubic ft. This is a pricey option. If you are looking for a budget friendly choice, check out the Frigidare FGGF3058RF. It has a smudge-proof surface and is equipped with a stovetop griddle. This range has a traditional look and has the convection oven you are looking for.

Electric Range

This range is extremely versatile. It might look like your standard range, but the extras that this range comes equipped with will blow you away. The range top has radiant burners and you will find the controls above on the backsplash. There isn’t anything really out of the ordinary about the range top, but the extras are found below in the oven. This oven has the ability to be a double oven or single with the use of a divider. This means you can have one large oven, or two smaller ones. There is also a drawer below that can be used to keep your food warm. It also has a dual door that allows you to only open the top of the door to control the amount of heat that escaping from the oven while in use. The extras that you will find in this range are unbeatable.


If you have a gas line into your home, use it. This will cost you less than an electric range will, and many will argue that it will cook your food faster and more evenly. You can count on most ranges lasting about 10 to 15 years, so you want to choose the perfect one for your kitchen and your cooking needs. Southwest Appliance Repairs of San Antonio can help you maintain and repair your range, no matter which one you decide you want in your home. Call us today!

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