Is Your Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Washing Machine or Other Appliance Causing a Small Electric Shock When Touched in San Antonio, TX

Your home is set up as a well-oiled machine. Each room and area has a function that it needs to cater to. When you look at particular rooms you might notice that many of them have appliances. Your kitchen is home to a dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, cook-top, microwave and more. The laundry room has the two most important appliances for your clothing needs, the washing machine and dryer. There are also other appliances that are outside the home like the AC unit and in the garage is a water heater. They all have something in common and that is they are an important part of the homes use. Major appliances are a part of everyday life and you need them to function well. If you start to have a problem with one or more of your appliances it can cause your schedule to be out of whack. They also have another thing in common and that is that they are run off of electricity. The electricity can become a problem which can be manifested by a small shock when you touch or use your appliance.

Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio Explains What to Do if Your Appliances Are Giving You an Electric Shock

Why Would Your Appliance Cause an Electric Shock: When you start to notice that your appliance is giving you a small shock you may think that it is you that is carrying some static electricity. If you walk across the carpet dragging your feet and touch someone softly you can cause a shock. That is not usually what is happening when it has to do with your appliances. The appliance is run off of electricity and if it is sending out a shock it means there is a problem. The most common problem is the insulation may be worn out or missing all together. The insulation is what stops the current from escaping the wiring. The small and occasional shock that you are going to encounter is not really a huge health concern but it can become much worse. If it gets worse you could be injured and it also poses a risk to your safety.
What Do You About Electrical Shock from Appliances: If you have an appliance that is sending out small shock waves you need to understand the purpose. It can be a problem with the electrical work in the walls and if it is you need to hire a licensed electrician. If you find that the wires that are leading from the appliance to the wall is damaged that could be the problem. The wiring should last the amount of time that the appliance works. If the wires are damaged it can lead to premature appliance replacement. If you think that the electrical current is escaping the wiring in the actual appliance you want to hire a professional appliance repair company. We can look at making the repairs or help you know what to replace it with.

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