Ice Machine Cleaning & Maintenance Schedule Tips to Avoid Appliance Repairs in San Antonio, TX; Clean to Remove Mold, Mildew & Lime Scale

With the summer quickly approaching in San Antonio, Texas, being prepared to fight the scorching temperatures is always optimal. Ice machines are one of the primary ways the locals keep hydrated and cool off a bit. Some of the most important things to do to ensure your ice machine is operating at peak performance, is to keep it well maintained. Since the ice machine is primarily in contact with water regularly, the machine will eventually develop mineral buildup on several crucial parts of the device, especially the pump and evaporator and will be negatively impacted. Maintaining your ice machine twice a year, in the fall and spring, can keep your ice machine operating efficiently and reduce repairs. Always consult with your manual for additional procedures, tips and warnings before you take on this job yourself. With that in mind, we at Southwest Appliance Repair of San Antonio, Texas would like to offer some maintenance tips to help keep your ice machine in working order.

Ice Machine Cleaning & Maintenance Schedule Tips

1) Clean Mold & Mildew. Mold and mildew are not welcome in your ice machine and keeping your ice machine cleaned routinely can hinder the mold and mildew from ever developing. Contact with water and moisture on the surface of plastic and rubber parts has a tendency to produce mold and mildew, including the ice bin. If the cleaning duties are neglected, your ice cubes will soon become tainted with mold and mildew. To effectively clean and disinfect your ice machine, use a nylon brush, and an approved cleaner designed for mildew and mold control to thoroughly clean the inner workings of the ice machine. Most ice machines have a setting of “clean mode”. Follow the labels instructions for proper cleaning. With the nylon brush, scrub away all the foreign debris and residue to properly clean the parts where you are seeing signs of potential mildew and mold growth, along with the ice bin and drain.
2) Ice Machine Air-Cooled Condenser. The air-cooled condenser is extremely important to keep cleaned and worth noting. It contributes to your machine’s performance and keeping it cleaned can help you avoid the need for repairs. When cleaning this it is crucial you keep in mind the Freon tubes in the machine. Use great caution and slow methodical cleaning methods in order to avoid puncturing the tubes. With the condenser compacted with filth and mineral deposits, it makes the freezing process difficult, which in turn puts additional strain on your machine. Not only will you see disappointing results with your ice cube production and quality, but the machine will endure extra wear. Gently clean the dust and other debris particles from off the fin blades with your nylon brush. Do not use excessive force as you can bend the cooling fins. Air flow is important to keep the fan blowing smoothly.
3) Ice Machine Lime Scale Buildup. Lime scale build up contributes to expedited deterioration as well as decreased production of ice cubes. The parts often inflicted by lime scale build up are water pump, inlet valve, and evaporator. While the machine is in cleaning mode, scrub the evaporator, but be careful to not scrub off the nickel coating. Be sure to use the manufacturer’s recommendation for approved lime scale removers.


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